Today’s trading session ended in a bearish mood. The index lost -5.65 points. The All-Share Index closed at 37.866.90, down 0.1% from 37.872.55 index point.

  • N19.74 trillion is the current stock exchange market value. The stock exchange’s Year-to Date (YTD) returns are currently at -5.97%.
  • Market breadth was negative with SOVRENINS leading 18 Gainers and 16 Losers. IKEJAHOTEL topped the list at the end today’s session.
  • Since the beginning of the year, the stock market has fallen by 2,403.82 points.

Top gainers at NGX ASI

  1. SOVRENINS up at +10.00% to close at NR0.33
  2. FTNCOCOA closes at N0.45 with a +9.76% increase
  3. CWG up 9.65% to close at N1.25
  4. AIICO closes at N1.15 with a +9.52% increase
  5. REDSTAREX up 8.04% to close at N3.36

Top losers in NGX ASI

  1. IKEJAHOTEL closes at N1.27
  2. UPDC closes at N1.30 with a drop of -9.09%
  3. WAPIC closes at N0.54 with a drop of -8.47%
  4. UPL closes at N1.41 with a drop of -7.24%
  5. UNITYBNK closes at N0.59 with a drop of 6.35%


  • The bullish sentiments are evident in the market as there are 18 winners to 16 losers.
  • NaijaNGR recommends caution in these times of increasing uncertainty.

Source: NaijaNGR


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