PrimeShred Review: Does This Fat Burner Work?

How do you feel when you lose your hard-earned muscle gains after using a fat burner? It’s a painful experience, right?

Yeah! You can lose fat without losing energy or sacrificing the lean muscle mass that has taken you a lot of time to build over the years.

PrimeShred is a powerful fat burning supplement that makes you lose stored fat without losing muscle mass. When you start taking the dosage of 2 Primeshred capsules daily, you will be able to enjoy the quick fat burning benefits associated with this product.

PrimeShred ensures fast fat burning over your entire body and it doesn’t bring loss of energy or muscle mass loss that comes with strict dieting.

Is PrimeShred worth trying? Should I use Primeshred on my next cut? Does it really help in weight loss? We will provide you with answers to all the questions you have about this supplement. Find out where to buy primeshred and how it works in our review.

What is Primeshred?

PrimeShred is a natural fat loss supplement that is obtained online from its official website at This nutritional supplement claims to trim your weight and help you get lean. Most importantly, it transforms your body without a drop in your energy levels or losing energy.

primeshred reviews

PrimeShred is formulated and produced with clincically-backed ingredients which are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Primeshred allows users to achieve rapid fat loss thanks to its high-powered and top-quality nutrient it has.

Muscle Club Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company is the manufacturer behind the production of the PrimeShred pills. Unlike shady company that conceals their product ingredient list, the manufacturer of PrimeShred discloses all the ingredients, dosage and general information upfront.

Moreover, PrimeShred comes with a 100-day refund policy – a feat that is rare to find in most weight loss supplements. Most dietary supplements offer a 30-day refund policy, some are generous to offer a 60-day refund policy. But PrimeShred has a 100-day refund policy.

Virtually almost all the fat burning supplements claim to bring quick weight loss results, but not all of them live up to that promise. Therefore, let’s see the mechanism of Primeshred works.

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How Does PrimeShred Work?

PrimeShred accelerates fat burning by targeting 3 specific fat burning systems inside your body. The system in which this fat burner works is through the following:

Step 1: It quickens your body’s natural ability to lose fat for maximum calorie burning. Primeshred increases thermogenesis and boosts your metabolic rate – in this way, your body’s natural fat-burning systems will be enhanced to burn more calories from the foods you consume.

Step 2: It activates specific fat-burning hormones to break down stored fats in the body. By triggering specific fat-burning hormones, PrimeShred supposedly melts stubborn belly fats by influencing your hormones. The hormones signal your fat cells and tell them to transfer stored fatty acids into your bloodstream, allowing your body to burn away the fats for good.

Step 3: It amplifies energy and mental focus. Having a normal diet and cutting routine makes you exhausted, fatigued, and hungry. PrimeShred indices weight loss without energy loss associated with cutting routines. Primeshred comes with nootropic ingredients and high-powered nutrients that support mental clarity and physical energy. It makes you stay energized for longer periods when you are working out or trying to lose weight.

does primeshred work

Due to these three healthy weight loss benefits, PrimeShred is described as a ‘triple threat fat-burning solution’.

Another major benefit PrimeShred claims to have is that it improves your mood. PrimeShred contains ingredients that promote a positive mood in several ways, thereby helping you stay motivated and happy when losing weight.

Other benefits of PrimeShred supplement are as follow:

  • Excess fats are flushed and released from your body.
  • It trims your weight and transforms your body into a lean figure.
  • It Burns pure fat and calories rapidly.
  • It breaks down stubborn fat.
  • It shreds body fat to bring out pure, lean muscle mass.
  • It boosts your energy levels, thereby improving your physical and mental performance.
  • It makes you get into peak shape.

The manufacturers of PrimeShred have given us their word that this formula ‘will help you burn stored body fats quickly and grow lean fast and effectively’ – all without losing your energy levels or sacrificing your hard-earned muscle gains.

PrimeShred Ingredients

Now that we know what PrimeShred does, the obvious question jingling in your hearts now is if it really works. What are the ingredients in PrimeShred that claim to make you burn fat faster? Are PrimeShred ingredients different from that of other dietary supplements and fat burners?

PrimeShred Reviews

The manufacturer of this formula has provided all ingredients and dosage of this product upfront, so you can easily compare it to other fat burners. Most supplement brands hide dosage within the proprietary formula, which makes it almost impossible to compare the supplement with other competing products.

As for PrimeShred, that’s not exactly the case. We already know exactly what’s inside this supplement because of the clinically-proven and scientifically-backed ingredient it contains.

Without much ado, here is a complete list of the ingredients in PrimeShred and how they work:

Caffeine (225mg): PrimeShred comes with over 225mg of caffeine, which increases your metabolic rate and accelerates fat burning. If not the best, Caffeine is certainly one of the most common, proven, and effective natural fat burning ingredients. You can find over 80mg to 125mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee, so a 225mg dose of this ingredient will be helpful and effective especially when you take Primeshred pills regularly.

L-Theanine (250mg): L-theanine supports caffeine and works by improving your metabolism by reducing the number of carbs and fat your body absorbs daily as it consumes foods.

 L-Tyrosine (300mg): It promotes your focus, concentration, and alertness by targeting neurotransmitters linked to your mental performance. Many pre-workout formulas contain L-tyrosine. The makers of this supplement claim that this ingredient comes with several health benefits like enhancing the mood and promoting focus and attention.

DMAE (150mg): It enhances focus, and improves mental performance and alertness. You can find DME in nootropics for its mind-boosting effects.

Green  Tea Extract (500mg): PrimeShred contains green tea extract. This same ingredient can be found in many popular fat burners and diet pills including PhenGold. It supercharges metabolism using natural chemicals such as EGCG, which is linked to fat burning as well as promoting overall health and wellness.

Green Coffee (100mg): Green Coffee, just like green tea extract, is a common ingredient in several diet pills and fat burners. Green Coffee bean extract speeds up metabolism and increases thermogenesis, which is your body’s natural fat-burning mechanism.

That means that you will feel more energized, alerted, and focused. Green Coffee is a powerful fat-burning ingredient because it contains natural caffeine and natural antioxidant properties like chlorogenic acids which have weight loss benefits.

Rhodiola Rosea Root: This ingredient purportedly accelerates fat burning by activating an enzyme that breaks down stored stubborn fat, increasing energy levels, and boosting performance by supplying adequate energy to your muscles.

Cayenne Pepper (200mg): You can find Cayenne in many diet pills because it contains a natural chemical known as ‘Capsaicin’. Capsaicin has been shown to speed up metabolism, boost thermogenesis, and help users burn more calories and fat.

B Vitamins: PrimeShred has 15mg of vitamin B3, 1.3mg of Vitamin B6, and 24mcg of vitamin B12. Altogether, these vitamins termed as ‘Vitamin B Complex’ play a crucial role in energy production. They reduce lethargy and fatigue and increase your body’s energy levels.

Bioperine (5mg):  Lastly, Bioperine is a patented variant of black pepper extract shown to promote the bioavailability of certain supplements. Bodybuilding supplements and steroids like Brutal Force contains this ingredient. Multiple studies reveal that adding a little amount of Bioperine in a supplement increases the chances of that supplement work. Bioperine causes other ingredients in this formula to work as claimed, so PriemShred increases fat burning significantly.

All PrimeShred ingredients are packed into a vegetable capsule with silica and magnesium state used to bind the ingredients together.

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Scientific Evidence for PrimeShred Pills

As you know, PrimeShred contains multiple ingredients that accelerate fat burning across the body. The manufacturer has disclosed the dosage and ingredients upfront, allowing you to verify the safety of the ingredients in this supplement put together.

Green coffee bean extract is a popular weight loss ingredient. Actually, many of the world’s popular dietary pills contain this ingredient. Coffee beans come with compounds known as ‘chlorogenic acids’ which contain antioxidant effects.

Some studies have shown that the chlorogenic acids in this ingredient helps reduce weight and lower blood pressure. Particularly, green coffee bean extract has a lot of chlorogenic acids compared to roasted coffee beans, and that’s why it is a prevalent ingredient for weight loss.

As Mayo Clinic puts it, Caffeine alone will not make you slim down significantly. But, it can promote weight loss when it is used with diet and exercise – which helps you lose weight more effectively. A lot of people take caffeine every day when cutting, others drink tea or coffee every day when not cutting. Caffeine increases metabolism – which is linked to fat loss and calorie burning. Nevertheless, more research is needed to prove the fact that caffeine decreases weight on its own.

In the meantime, ingredients like Cayenne are proven fat burners that help to produce weight loss results. According to WebMD, red cayenne pepper may help users curb appetite and burn calories. This effect seems particularly prevalent in those who are not used to taking cayenne pepper. Further studies show that taking half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper can help you burn 10X calories over a four-hour period. Also, other studies show that it decreases hunger pangs, and appetite. Some users take cayenne as a supplement while others combine it with food for health benefits.

Finally, more studies show that green tea can help lower belly fat. These studies show that green tea helps optimize your body’s metabolic rate, thereby burning more calories, accelerating fat burning, and ultimately causing you to lose weight.

All the other ingredients in this formula should work as claimed. Vitamin B12, for instance, is an effective energy booster, it is great for vegans and vegetarians. There are no herbal sources of Vitamin B12, so vegans and vegetarians need to take a multivitamin or a supplement like PrimeShred which has vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in boosting energy levels, most vegetarians and vegans deficient in this nutrient feel a noticeable surge of energy after using a Vitamin B12 supplement.

Various diet pills contain exactly the same ingredients listed above but at the wrong dosages. Thankfully, PrimeShred has correct dosages of all listed ingredients, it is safe to consume and will not cause any side effects.

PrimeShred Pricing

How Much Does PrimeShred Cost

PrimeShred costs approximately $50 per bottle, with more discounts available when ordering multiple bottles at a go.

Here’s how much Primeshred costs:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.95 + $7.95 Shipping.
  • 3 Bottles: $99.95 + Free Shipping.
  • 6 Bottles: $199.95 + Free Shipping.

A bottle contains 90 capsules (30 servings). You would need to take just 3 capsules daily to burn fat, so one bottle should last for a 30-day period.

Luckily for you, there is free shipping for you when you order 3 or 6 bottles of this product. The manufacturer gives you exclusive bonuses only when you order multiple bottles at once.

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PrimeShred Refund Policy

Primeshred is scam-free, it comes with a 100-day money back guarantee. Therefore, you can request a complete refund of your purchase price within the first 100 days of your purchase. This company does not refund shipping costs, only the price of the supplement. So, you need to get 3 or 6 bottles to enjoy the benefit of the money back guarantee.

Who Produces PrimeShred?

PrimeShred is manufactured and sold online by a company called Muscle Club Limited. This United Kingdom-based company handles the production, sales, and shipment of the Primeshred pills. Though this company is domiciled in the UK, they manufacture the Primeshred supplement in the United States.

PrimeShred was manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the United States of America. This is to ensure that the supplement is of top-quality and reaches the highest standards.

You can contact Muscle Club Ltd via email or making address:

  • Digital House, Clarendon Park, Nottingham, United Kingdom, NG5 1AH


primeshred pills

 The summary of this review is that the PrimeShred diet pill accelerates fat burning in several ways. It works by targeting metabolism and fat burning hormones to release stored fat. As an effective fat burner, PrimeShred is able to help you lose weight without losing muscle gain or energy.

The high-quality nootropic ingredients, nutrients, mind boosters, and herbal extracts in this product can bring about more weight loss results. To sum it all, it has a 100-day refund policy which gives you 100 days to request a complete refund on your purchase if you aren’t pleased with your weight loss results.

Any purchase done outside the official website is done at your own risk.  If you intend to buy PrimeShred, ensure that you place your order on the official website

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