The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), contrary to the notion that Nigeria is a hopeless country, has stated that Nigeria has the potential to become a leading nation in the world.

This was disclosed by Dr. Ike Nailku, Chairman of the NIPR Integration, Peace and Security Committee, at today’s Abuja meeting.

Dr. Neliaku said that the diversity of opinions expressed during the meeting by the different partner organizations was a sign that Nigeria is capable of overcoming the current difficulties.

“The views gathered show that Nigeria’s cultural diversity is an asset that could lead to the creation of the most powerful African Nation in the world. This is not an easy task. However, we believe it can be done. Nigerians are determined to find lasting solutions for a peaceful, prosperous, and progressive nation.

He stressed that, as an Institute that is responsible for relationship management, the team was determined that the outcome at the upcoming NIPR Summit on Integration, Peace and Security would be a game-changer for the benefit citizens and youth in particular.

You may recall that on Monday, the NIPR inaugurated a 52-member National Planning Committee in order to encourage citizens-based summits towards finding sustainable solutions to various problems in the country.

Stanley Ogadigo
National Planning Committee
NIPR Summit on Integration, Peace & Security

Source: NaijaNGR


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