Facebook, an American social networking company, has unveiled a new feature to its WhatsApp messaging platform that can save lives.

According to reports, the company announced in a Wednesday post that Whatsapp will now be available on other devices.

This feature will allow users to feel less anxious about their smartphones being out of battery or not working. The new feature, according to Facebook engineers, will allow users to use the messaging app on multiple devices that are not smartphones.

The notification stated that you can use WhatsApp on up to four devices at once, even if your phone battery dies.

Since Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2009, it was a stepping stone for both platforms.

WhatsApp can be used on companion devices, such as computers. However, the exchanges are routed so that if someone’s smartphone is offline, or has no battery, WhatsApp won’t work.

There are other issues that can occur, including frequent disconnections. As Facebook engineers release the most recent update, all this is possible.

The company stated that the new WhatsApp multi-device architecture eliminates these obstacles and does not require a smartphone to perform all operations.

Facebook said that the new capability will continue to be developed as it improves. Facebook also assured that WhatsApp’s security features will continue to work with the new system.

Each companion device can connect to WhatsApp without requiring you to use it. However, each companion device will retain the same level of privacy and security as WhatsApp users.

The Federal Government has allocated N4.8 billion to the National Intelligence Agency for surveillance of Thuraya’s satellite phone, Thuraya, and encrypted messaging app WhatsApp.

According to reports, the provision is in the budget supplementary 2021 passed by the National Assembly.

Source: NaijaNGR


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