President Muhammadu Buhari pledged N6.5 billion to help kickstart the development a cattle ranch in Katsina State.

NaijaNGRUnderstands that the governor of the state,Aminu Bello,This was revealed by President Buhari on Thursday, July 15, while he spoke at an occasion when he commissioned the Naira Zobe water project worth multibillion dollars and a 50km road project for Dutsima.

Masari had earlier revealed that his administration intended to raise N12 billion with the support of the Federal Ministries of Agriculture and Finance to convert the Rugu forest into ranches.

He stated that the establishment and expansion of ranches in the state will reduce the number of farmers and herdsmen conflicts in various areas of Nigeria and the state.

Masari also stated that the ranching system would give herder children the chance to receive a quality education. Masari added that N5 billion had been already credited to the state’s account.

Masari, said Thursday that the President had approved N6.25 billion to be used for ranch development in Katsina. Within a few weeks you will see an advertisement asking for consultants and companies interested in participating.

Masari stated that this is the first direct state intervention in relation to the Federal Government’s ranch-development initiative.


Source: NaijaNGR


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