List Of All Languages Spoken In Nigeria

Nigeria isn’t only known for its oil production and large population, but also for the diversity and different tribes and languages. Speaking about languages in Nigeria, what usually come to mind are the language of the three major ethnic groups – Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

However, Nigeria has way a lot more than that. It is been documented that Nigeria has 529 local languages and a few foreign ones. Home to over 200 million people scattered among the 36 states of the Federation, there are many languages spoken in the country and some are yet to be discovered.

English is the official and most popular of all languages while the Nigeria Pidgin is a variation of informal English. Although Pidgin English is commonly spoken and understood by the Nigerian population, it is not regarded as an indigenous language in the country.

The three major local languages are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. But before we go any further, I have researched and enlisted most languages in Nigeria.

List of Languages in Nigeria

Nigeria was once a colony under the British Empire; hence English was introduced to the country. Most tribes in the country communicate through other means like Pidgin and sign language The English language helped in uniting the country. Even though it is an imported language, it remains a preferred choice of the younger population.

The Federal Government of Nigeria alongside many concerned people are advocating for the adoption and use of local languages in schools and public areas. So, some languages have been introduced into the school curriculum and also used in some media outlets.

Abanyom13,000Cross River
Adim10,000Cross River
Adun30,000Cross River
Afade20,000Borno, Yobe
Afo Plateau
Afrike60,000Cross River
Ajawa Bauchi
Akaju Cross River
Akweya-Yachi Alago Benue
Amo Anaguta     Plateau
Anang1,000,000Akwa Ibom
Angas368,000Bauchi, Jigawa, Plateau
Ankwei Plateau
Anyima Akwa Ibom
Arum Nassarawa
Attakar Kaduna
Auyoka Jigawa
Awori Lagos, Ogun
Ayu Kaduna
Babur Adamawa, Borno, Taraba, Yobe
Bachama Adamawa
Bachere Cross River
Bada Yobe
Bali Taraba
Bambora Bauchi
Banda Taraba
Banka Bauchi
Banso Adamawa
Bara Bauchi
Baruba Niger
Bashiri Plateau
Basa Kaduna, Kogi, Niger, Plateau
Batta Adamawa
Baushi Niger
Baya Adamawa
Bekwarra Cross River
Bele Bauchi
Betso Taraba
Bette Cross River
Bilei Adamawa
Bina Kaduna
Bini Edo
Birom Plateau
Bobua Taraba
Boki Cross River
Bokkos Plateau
Boko Niger
Bole Bauchi, Yobe
Botlere Adamawa
Boma Bauchi
Bomboro Bauchi
Buduma Borno, Niger
Buji Plateau
Buli Bauchi
Bunu Kogi
Bura Borno, Adamawa, Yobe
Burak Bauchi
Burma Plateau
Buru Yobe
Buta Bauchi
Bwall Plateau
Bwatiye Adamawa
Challa Plateau
Chama Bauchi
Chamba Taraba
Chamo Bauchi
Cibak Borno
Chinine Borno
Chip Plateau
Chukkol Taraba
Cipu20,000Kebbi, Niger
Daba Adamawa
Dadiya Bauchi
Daka Adamawa
Dakarkari Niger, Kebbi
Danda Kebbi
Dangsa Taraba
Daza Bauchi
Degema Rivers
Deno Bauchi
Dghwede                           30,000Borno            
Diba Taraba
Doemak Plateau
Duguri Bauchi
Duka Kebbi
Duma Bauchi
Ebana Rivers
Ebirra             1,000,000Edo, Kogi, Ondo
Ebu Edo, Kogi
Efik Cross River
Egbema Rivers
Eggon Plateau
Egun Lagos, Ogun
Ejagham Cross River
Eket Akwa Ibom
Ekoi Cross River
Ekpeye Rivers
Engenni Rivers
Epie Rivers
English (Nigeria)178,000,000 
Esan Edo
Etche Rivers
Etolu Benue
Etsako Edo
Etung Cross River
Etuno Edo
Falli Adamawa
French (Nigeria)1,000,000Bordering states of Nigeria
Fula15,000,000Niger, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, Bauchi, Borno, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Plateau
Ga’anda Adamawa
Gade Niger
Galambi Bauchi
Gamergu Borno
Ga’anda Adamawa
Gade Niger
Galambi Bauchi
Gamergu Borno
Ganawuri Plateau
Gavako Borno
Gbedde Kogi
Gbo Cross River
Gengle Taraba
Geji Bauchi
Gera Bauchi
Geruma Bauchi, Plateau
Gingwak Bauchi
Gira Adamawa
Goernai Plateau
Gokana Rivers
Gombi Adamawa
Gornun Taraba
Gonia Bauchi
Gubi Bauchi
Gude Adamawa
Gudu Adamawa
Gure Kaduna
Gurmana Niger
Gururntum Bauchi
Gusu Plateau
Gwa Adamawa
Gwamba Adamawa
Gwandara Kaduna, Niger, Plateau
Gwari Kaduna, Niger, FCT, Nasarawa,Kogi
Gwom Taraba
Gwoza                                 40,000            Borno            
Gyem                                    Bauchi           
Hausa                                   64,000,000Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Niger, Taraba, Sokoto, Zamfara
Humono Cross River
Holma Adamawa
Hona Adamawa
Hyam Kaduna
Ibeno Akwa Ibom
Ibibio3,000,000Akwa Ibom
Ichen Adamawa
Idoma Benue, Taraba
Igala Kogi
Igbo30,000,000Abia, Anambra,Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Kogi, Benue, Rivers            
Igede Benue
Ijaw Bayelsa
Ijumu Kogi
Ika Delta
Ikorn Cross River
Irigwe Plateau
Isoko Delta
Isekiri                                   1,000,000Delta
Iyala Cross River
Izere                                     100,000Plateau         
Izondjo Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers
Jahuna Taraba
Jaku Bauchi
Jara Bauchi
Jere Bauchi, Plateau
Jero Taraba
Jibu Adamawa
Jidda-Abu Plateau
Jimbin Bauchi
Jirai Adamawa
Jju Kaduna
Jonjo Taraba
Jukun Bauchi, Benue, Taraba, Plateau
Kaba Taraba
Kadara Kaduna, Niger
Kafanchan Kaduna
Kagoro Kaduna
Kajuru Kaduna
Kaka Adamawa
Kamaku Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger
Kambari Kebbi, Niger
Kamwe Adamawa, Borno and Republic of Cameroon
Kamo Bauchi
Kanakuru Adamawa, Borno
Kanembu Borno
Kanikon Kaduna
Kantana Plateau
Kanufi Kaduna
Kanuri Borno, Kaduna, Adamawa, Kano, Niger, Jigawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe
Karai-Karai (language) Bauchi, Yobe
Karimjo Taraba
Kariya Bauchi
Katab Kaduna
Kenern Plateau
Kenton Taraba
Kiballo Kaduna
Kilba Adamawa
Kirfi Bauchi
Koma Taraba
Kona Taraba
Koro Kaduna, Niger, Nasarawa
Kubi Bauchi
Kudachano Bauchi
Kugama Taraba
Kulere Plateau
Kunini Taraba
Kurama Jigawa, Kaduna, Niger, Plateau
Kurdul Adamawa
Kushi Bauchi
Kuteb Taraba
Kutin Taraba
Kwalla Plateau
Kwami Bauchi
Kwanchi Taraba
Kwanka Bauchi, Plateau
Kwaro Plateau
Kwato Plateau
Kyenga Sokoto
Laaru Niger
Lakka Adamawa
Lala Adamawa
Lama Taraba
Lamja Taraba
Lau Taraba
Ubbo Adamawa
Limono Bauchi, Plateau
Lopa Niger
Longuda Adamawa, Bauchi
Mabo Plateau
Mada Kaduna, Plateau
Mama Plateau
Mambilla Adamawa
Manchok Kaduna
Mandara Borno
Manga Yobe
Margi Adamawa, Borno
Matakarn Adamawa
Mbembe Cross River, Enugu
Mbol Adamawa
Mbube Cross River
Mbula Adamawa
Mbum Taraba
Memyang Plateau
Miango Plateau
Miligili Plateau
Miya Bauchi
Mobber Borno
Montol Plateau
Moruwa Kaduna
Muchaila Adamawa
Mumuye Taraba
Mundang Adamawa
Mushere Plateau
Mwahavul Plateau
Ndoro Taraba
Ngamo Bauchi, Yobe
Ngizim Yobe
Ngweshe Adamawa, Borno
Ningi Bauchi
Ninzam Kaduna, Plateau
Njayi Adamawa
Nkim Cross River
Nkum Cross River
Nokere Plateau
Nsukka Enugu State, Kogi state
Nunku Kaduna, Plateau
Nupe Niger, Kwara, Kogi, FCT
Nyandang Taraba
Obolo Akwa Ibom, Rivers
Ogba Rivers
Ofutop5,000Ikom, Okuni, Cross River
Ogori Kwara
Okobo Akwa Ibom
Okpamheri Cross River
Olulumo               Cross River
Oro1,000,000Akwa Ibom
Owan Edo
Owe Kwara
Oworo Kwara
Pa’a Bauchi
Pai Plateau
Panyam Taraba
Pero Bauchi
Pire Adamawa
Pkanzom Taraba
Poll Taraba
Polchi Bauchi
Pongo Niger
Potopo Taraba
Pyapun Plateau
Qua Cross River
Rebina Bauchi
Reshe Kebbi, Niger
Rindire Plateau
Rishuwa Kaduna
Ron Plateau
Rubu Niger
Rukuba Plateau
Rumada Kaduna
Rumaya Kaduna
Sakbe Taraba
Sanga Bauchi
Sate Taraba
Saya Bauchi, Plateau, Kaduna, Abuja, Niger, Kogi
Segidi Bauchi
Shanga Sokoto
Shangawa Plateau
Shan-Shan Plateau
Shira Kano
Shomo Taraba
Shuwa Adamawa, Borno
Sikdi Plateau
Siri Bauchi
Srubu Kaduna
Sukur Adamawa
Sura Plateau
Tangale Bauchi
Tarok Plateau, Taraba
Teme Adamawa
Tera Bauchi, Bomo
Teshena Kano
Tigon Adamawa
Tikar Taraba
Tiv15,000,000Benue, Plateau, Adamawa, Taraba, Nasarawa
Tula Bauchi
Tur Adamawa
Ufia Benue
Ukelle Cross River
Ukwani Delta
Uncinda Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto
Uneme Edo
Ura Niger
Urhobo                               1,000,000                            Delta              
Utonkong Benue
Uyanga Cross River
Vemgo Adamawa
Verre Adamawa
Vommi Taraba
Wagga Adamawa
Waja Bauchi
Waka Taraba
Warja Jigawa
Warji Bauchi
Wula Adamawa
Wurbo Adamawa
Wurkun Taraba
Yache Cross River
Yagba Kwara
Yakurr Cross River
Yalla Benue
Yandang Taraba
Yergan Plateau
Yoruba34,000,000Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kogi    
Yott Taraba
Yumu Niger
Yungur Adamawa
Zabara Niger
Zaranda Bauchi
Zarma Kebbi
Zayam Bauchi
Zul Bauchi

Languages in Nigeria and Their States

Well to wrap it all, Hausa is the most spoken native language closely followed by Yoruba and then Igbo. Others are Ijaw, Tiv, Efik & Ibibio, Fulfulde, Nupe, Kanuri, Ebira, and Urhobo. While the most diverse states are Adamawa, Borno, Bauchi, Akwa Ibom, and so on.

Pidgin is widely spoken throughout the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria. But English is widely spoken in the country excluding some areas in the North. I hope I’ve enriched you and made you satisfied with this article.