Does Nigeria Have A Submarine?

Nigeria fondly called Africa’s Giant is not only used to refer to its economic growth and mighty population but also her staggering military strength. Though the country is still surviving and fighting crises and terrorist attacks from different militia groups and religious extremists, all of these are been addressed by our noble military forces. The country boasts of having an active Army, Airforce, and Naval personnel with all giving their best to protect and maintain orderliness in the country.

The Nigerian Navy is responsible for protecting Nigeria’s waterways both inland and coastal borders from pirates and invaders. This body of military personnel consists of active staff with high-grade weapons, ammunition, patrol boats, warships, and fighter planes.

Does Nigeria Have A Submarine in Their Possession?

We’ve watched Hollywood action movies and fell in love with Submarines. With all those nice abilities it possesses like stealth mode, missile launching, and sea bed exploration and wishes we could have or be in one here in Nigeria. Sadly, Nigeria doesn’t have any in its archives.

They have plans to purchase a few which will assist in protecting Nigeria’s waterways. Nigeria was however planning on getting a submarine in early 2021-2022 as part of the Revised Nigerian Navy Transformation Plan (R-NNTP). This was however thwarted due to economic shortcomings and recessions.

Does Nigeria Have Any Good Artillery In Their Arsenal?

Nevertheless, the Nigerian Navy has some quality gadgets and vehicles in its possession. This equipment has protected us against militia groups and pirates in the past, relatively ensuring peace in and around our waterways. Some of our firepowers include;


The Nigerian Navy has one MEKO360 Type H1 frigate, NNS Aradu (F89), which was refitted in 2020 and is rearing for a new role as a combat training ship as Nigeria plans to purchase new frigates. Also, the Nigerian Navy plan in purchasing a Damen LST-100 class landing ship for amphibious operations and force projections. Lastly, we have the NNS Obuma (F87) in our possession which is also used for training.

Long-Range Patrol Cutter

The Nigeria Navy has two Hamilton-class cutter\OPV, the NNS Thunder(F90) and the NNS Okpabana(F93). They are both High Endurance cutters with a cruising range of 9,600 nautical miles, (which is about 17779.2 kilometres) at 20 knots and an 80-foot (24 meters) flight deck.  They are both capable of handling Coast Guard helicopters making them an ideal platform for extended patrol missions.

Fast Attack Crafts/Patrol Boats

This equipment is special because a handful was developed and produced by the Nigerian Arm Force. We’ve got some Seaward Defense Boat, Luerssen FPB57 Fas Patrol, Ocea FPB 98 MKII, Combattante IIIB Fast Attack Craft, Wave Rider Class, OCEA Patrol Craft, Ocea Fast Patrol Craft, Fast Patrol Craft, Sea Eagle Fast Patrol Craft. So, we are assured that the Nigerian Navy patrols the waterways regularly to ensure checks.

Inshore Patrol Craft

The Nigerian Navy also has some vehicles that are used to patrol inland waters. Some of which include; the Shaldag MK2 Class Fast Patrol Boat, Manta Class Patrol Boat, Defender Class Boat (RB-5), Cedric Class Patrol Boat, and Epenal Security Patrol Boat.


These vehicles are important because they are designed to discover, remove or detonate bombs. The few in our possession include; the NNS Ohue (M371) Lerici Class Minehunter and NNS Barama (M372) Lerici Class Minehunter.

Amphibious Warfare Ship

Does Nigeria Have A Submarine

These are battleships employed to attack or repel enemy forces and support ground forces on land. The NNS Ambe (LST1312), NNS Ofiom (LST1312), and the NNS Kada (Damen LST100) are currently what the Navy possesses.

Auxiliary Vessels

This we have in abundance. The NNA Amariya, NNA Argungu, NNS Yola, NNS Brass, NNS Epe, NNS Makurdi, NNS Hadejia, NNS Jebba, NNS Oguta, NNS Prosperity, NNS Ruwan Yaro, NNS Okpoku, NNS Bomadi, NNS Badagry, NNS, Shiroro, NNS Ose, NNS Gongola, NNS Osun NNS Lana.


I know some of you are thinking that only the Nigerian Airforce would have aircraft, but the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy have some in their base camps. The Agusta Westland AW109, Westland Lynx, and, Agusta Westland AW139 are all choppers used and deployed with different roles including law enforcement, search and rescue, and maritime patrol.


Well, Nigeria doesn’t have a submarine yet that doesn’t imply it wouldn’t need it. Submarines are important in warfare and protection but it is very expensive to procure. Most countries are yet to have one. The country is planning on purchasing some soon. And, the Nigerian Navy is doing a good job using the materials and equipment at their disposal in maintaining law and order.