Does It Snow In Nigeria?

Snow is the icy flakes or crystals that are formed due to a massive drop in temperature to near or below zero degrees celsius, causing the amount of water vapour present in the atmosphere reduced to a minimum which brings about solid cold precipitation.

This climate change leads to insane colds and harsh weather conditions. But it makes wonderful sights and scenes filling the environment. When we talk about snowy seasons, Asian, North American and European countries are the first places that come to mind. But, Africa has seen a fair share of those white flakes which is an uncommon but beautiful sight to behold

Does It Snow In Nigeria?

Unfortunately, no. snowfall occurs in temperate countries located in a geographical area that has high altitude operating in temperatures close to or below zero degree celsius. Warmer tropical countries like Nigeria is located in geographical space that has low altitude.

How Is Snow Formed?

Precipitation forming snow occurs when the air temperature drops below two degrees Celsius. In temperate regions, the temperature drops lower than zero degrees in winter which is suitable for slight, moderate, or heavy snowfall.

Although some parts of Nigeria have experienced temperatures close to zero. However, it cannot snow in such places because the humidity is low. Also, water vapour is necessary and as such precipitation cannot occur for snow formation. Water vapour is readily available in the rainy season due to the influx of monsoon air mass inland.

During the presence of the monsoon air mass, Nigeria cannot experience low freezing temperatures, thereby we rather have rainfall and sometimes hailstones during raining season. And since we experience low humidity during harmattan, there is no water vapour present in the atmosphere to support such a process.

Do All Low Temperatures Lead To Snow?

No, they don’t. this is because the snow falls at a particularly low temperature, so you could be cold but no snow in our surrounding area. Snowfall happens when atmospheric water vapour freeze into ice crystals which can only happen at an extremely below temperature of close to or below zero degree Celsius. The level of temperature drop signifies the difference in the intensity of snowfall. i.e: slight, moderate or heavy.

Has it Snowed In Nigeria

Has It Snowed In Any African Country?

There have been sightings and reports of snow in Africa, but not on a regular occurrence.

  • Egypt experience the beauty of Winter in 2013.
  • Studies have shown that snow fell in the Sahara deserts.
  • Snow was reported falling in Algeria in 2018
  • Snow is common in South Africa.
  • Namibia and Botswana have seen a fair share of snow
  • Mountains in Eastern and Central Africa have snowcaps.

What are the Conditions Required For It To Snow?

The following conditions are required for snow to fall from the sky:

  • Low and freezing temperature
  • Geographic position
  • Atmospheric lift


This article should guide and make you understand why it does snow yet in Nigeria, but do in some parts of Africa. It is rumoured that it snows in some parts of Nigeria, especially the middle belts regions like Plateau and Taraba States. However, it is inconclusive.