Semenoll Review: Does It Really Improve Male Fertility?

Semenoll is a dietary supplement that has been formulated to improve fertility and vitality in men. Many men are experiencing poor bedroom performance and low testosterone levels, all of which affect their sexual health. Semenoll provides multiple health benefits to me. First, it works on sperm health, improves sexual performance and fertility, all of which aids sexual health.

If you are interested in enhancing your sexual performance or you are looking for a good supplement to augment your sexual health with better semen quality and ejaculations, perhaps, Semenoll will be of interest to you.

This supplement has been featured in many websites and journals as a healthy and natural way to enhance sperm quality. In this post, we will tell you about Semenoll and the role it plays in the lives of men. Read this review to find out more about how Semenoll works.

What is Semenoll?

Semenoll scam

The Semenoll supplement is a product of Wolfson Brands Limited, a trusted company known for making reliable health products such as Performer8 and TestoPrime. This supplement is uniquely designed with herbal ingredients which have long been proven in improving the sexual health of men. Hence, Semenoll is made specifically for men who are looking to improve their sexual health.

If you are suffering from infertility, or you want to improve the quality of your sperm, this supplement can be useful for you. Men who have low sperm count or are struggling to make their wives conceive can use this supplement and see changes.

The fertility-boosting ingredients inside the Semenoll capsules can give you a higher semen quality and make you ejaculate more.

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How Does Semenoll Work?

Semenoll supplement review

According to the manufacturers, this male enhancement pill increases sperm quality, fertility, and sexual performance – thanks to its triple-action ‘Semenoll-Effect’.

One of the major health benefits of Semenoll is that it performs these three actions naturally and safely, without any side effects. It enhances your chances of reproduction, thereby giving you more chances of bearing children.

There are lots of male enhancement pills on the market. These pills provide similar benefits but most of them do not work as claimed. Unlike these scam pills, Semenoll ensures that you get better sperm count and improved sexual performance.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of how this supplement works.

1. Boosts Fertility

As a man, your reproductive and sexual health relies on one hormone, which is testosterone. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in men. This hormone is responsible for all the masculine attributes and features you find in a man. Shortage of this hormone can lead to serious problems.

Low testosterone levels have been proven to cause low libido and poor sexual performance. It can also cause infertility as well. Thanks to the Semenoll pills, you can improve sperm production and fertility naturally by boosting your T-levels.

2. Protect Your Sperm

Secondly, you can improve the strength and quality of your sperm with this supplement. Semenoll ingredients contain powerful antioxidants that protect your sperm from bacteria and toxic materials that can weaken sperm health.

The male sperm is weak and needs to be protected. One of the major causes of sperm dysfunction is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress targets your sperm DNA and it reduces the volume and quality of your sperm. When this is done, you’ll be unable to impregnate your spouse or partner. 

Thanks to Semenoll, you can make your sperm fertile once more as this supplement gives your body the right materials that it needs to reduce oxidative stress and also prevent sperm dysfunction.

3. Improve Your Sexual Performance

Semenoll pills can also enhance your sexual performance by improving the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to your testicles and reproductive organs. Improved blood flow to the penis ensures harder and long-lasting erections.

Therefore, improved blood flow to your penile region increases the strength and size of your erections. With firmer erections, you are sure of having a good sexual performance. It also increases ejaculation, all of which culminates into a satisfying sexual experience.

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Semenoll Ingredients

Semenoll Ingredients

The following ingredients are used in making Semenoll:

Maca Root Extract

This ingredient has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. Maca Root extract is known to provide sexual health benefits to users. It contains fertility-boosting agents and can be consumed to increase male fertility.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

According to research, this herbal extract can increase erection and improve sexual drive in men. People who have used it witnessed a significant boost in their libido and sperm count.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc is one of the most underrated minerals in the body. Despite being underestimated by many, this mineral is a powerful ingredient that could turn your sexual life around in a matter of days.

Zinc improves male fertility and provides a positive effect on sperm and testosterone levels. The abundance of this mineral in the body boosts male fertility and makes reproduction possible.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) is another ingredient in Semenoll that plays a vital role in male sexual health. It can be used to treat male infertility, hence, it corrects low sperm count and protects the sperm from harmful toxins.  Not only that, it raises testosterone levels and creates a healthy environment for sperm reproduction.

Pumpkin seed extract

This herb is an adaptogen that helps enhance your physical, mental, sexual, and overall wellbeing. It contains a mixture of antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and magnesium to prevent sperm damage and promote libido and prostate health.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride

The work of this ingredient is to ensure that a sufficient amount of blood is supplied to the genitals and muscles, thereby helping to increase blood circulation. This ingredient also increases sexual stamina and endurance while helping users get bigger and long-lasting erections.

L-Lysine Hydrochloride

This adaptogen helps to reduce stress levels in men. Stress is deadly if not controlled, and can be detrimental to your wellbeing. L-Lysine Hydrochloride regulates stress levels and prevents them from affecting your health, energy levels, and sexual performance.

Muira Puama

This herb originates from Brazil and has been used in traditional medicine for improving sexual performance. The nutrients in Muira Puama enhance libido and penile hardness in men and helps to increase performance. It further promotes sexual health by supercharging your testosterone levels and lengthening your penis size.

Brazilian herb that stimulates nerves and improves sexual performance, penile hardness, and libido.

It activates the body’s receptors for t-levels, which supports men’s sexual health. This ingredient can increase your chances of conceiving by increasing your harness and erection length.

Benefits of Semenoll Over Other Male Enhncement Supplements

This male enhancement pill has been certified to produce several health benefits for users. Here are some of the benefits you will see after using these pills:

  • Stimulates libido and sexual performance.
  • It promotes sexual health.
  • Supports healthy semen volume for better ejaculations.
  • Promotes fertility in men.
  • Enhances reproductive function in me.
  • It has no negative side effects to users’ health.
  • Contains safe and healthy ingredients that support male health.

Where To Buy Semenoll and Price?

semenoll price and where to buy

You can order your own bottles of Semenoll here on the official website of the manufacturer. Currently, there are no retailers or distributors for this product, so it is unlikely for you to see it on stores and third-party websites.

The company is the official dealer and seller of this product and they accept and process orders only on their official website at Here’s how much the semenoll pills cost:

  • One Month – $59.95.
  • 2 Months + 1 Month Free – $119.95.
  • 3 Months + 2 Months Free – $179.95.

The cost of shipping isn’t included in the price of the supplement. The company ships and delivers its product to you free of charge. In addition, the manufacturers of Semenoll offer a 100-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

So, if after using this supplement, you feel that it doesn’t work for you or you want to discontinue using it, you have the option of contacting the company for a refund.

Who Can Use Semenoll?

As earlier stated, Semenoll is formulated for every man (male of 18 years upwards) who is suffering from low motility, low sperm count, or sperm dysfunction. Also, men who are struggling with poor sexual stamina and low libido can use this supplement to enhance their sexual health.

Taking a supplement like Semenoll increases your sexual stamina boosts libido, gives stronger erections, and raises testosterone levels for you to perform at an optimal level. Any adult interested in these benefits should not hesitate to get and use this supplement.

Is Semenoll Safe To Use?

Semenoll is a safe supplement to use. It contains organic and herbal ingredients that have been confirmed to be healthy and safe to consume. There are no side effects associated with this product as it doesn’t contain any harmful or chemical ingredients.

How To Use Semenoll

Each bottle of Semenoll contains 90 capsules, the daily dosage is 3 pills with water.


The manufacturers of Semenoll have made a positive impact by creating a supplement that addresses male sexual health. Semenoll is made up of ingredients that boost fertility and enhances your chances of conceiving.

Without a fertile sperm, you may find it almost impossible to make your spouse conceive. Thanks to Semenoll, your sperm cells are protected from harm. It also boosts sperm volume, count, and motility.

Unlike other expensive male enhancement products, the manufacturers of Semenoll have made their products available at an affordable and reasonable price for all. We can confirm the safety of this product as it contains 100% natural ingredients which are known to have no side effects.

If you are looking for a high-quality male enhancement product that will boost your sexual performance, increase libido and give you stronger erections, Semenoll is a product that you can trust.

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