How To Check Airtel Airtime Main Balance And Bonus Balance

Airtel customers enjoy making calls at decent call rates. Also, they get awesome bonuses whenever they recharge their phone lines with airtime. If you are an Airtel customer, you would want to know the code to check your credit main balance or your account balance.

If you like to know how to check your Airtel account balance and airtime bonus balance on Airtel, you should consider using this post as a guide.

When people recharge their phones, they tend to make calls to people without bothering to know how much credit they have used to send SMS messages and make calls. At times, the Airtel network may decide to give you bonuses for recharging your line.

These bonuses may be given you to use based on the amount of airtime you purchased. For instance, if you recharged your phone line with ₦200 airtime, you may be given a bonus of ₦200 or more to make calls, send messages and browse the internet. However, the bonus allotments you get depends on the tariff plan you migrated to.

A lot of people confuse the credit in the bonus balance for the one in the main account balance. The airtime in your account balance is not to be taken for the one in the account balance.

Some mobile network providers display the account balance together with the airtime in the bonus balance. But Airtel doesn’t display your bonus and main account balance together.

As a matter of fact, you can check for both of them separately. This allows you to keep track of the credit in your main balance and bonus account. Hence, you will know when both of them get exhausted.

How To Check Airtel Account Balance

There is a code you can use to check how the amount in your account balance. All that you need to do is to get your Airtel line and dial the code below to check the credit in your Airtel account balance.

  • Dial * 124#
  • Wait for a while. You will receive a message shortly containing the amount in your account balance.

This message notification confirms how much you have left in your main account balance. It does not show you the credit in your bonus account.

How To Check Airtel Bonus Airtime

If you want to check the amount of airtime, left in your Airtel bonus account. Here is what you need to do:

  • Dial *223#
  • Wait for a while to get a message from your network containing the amount in your bonus account.

This message notification confirms how much you have left in your bonus account. It does not show you the credit in your main account balance. Rather, the bonus enquiry code only shows you your bonus balance along with other bonuses given to you by Airtel.

In this article, we gave you a piece of detailed information on how to check airtel bonus balance and airtime main balance. We hope that you found it useful and helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends.

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