Nigerian Broadcasting Commission has asked broadcasters to refrain from glorifying insurgents, bandits, and kidnappers. It cites that too many details could be detrimental to the war against security.

This information was made public in a statement called“Newspaper Reviews & Current Affairs Programmes: There is a need for caution, “Alarabe Illah signed for the Director-General.

What the NBC said

NBC urged caution by broadcast stations when reporting on insurgent terrorist bandits kidnappers.

Security issues are frequently featured on the front pages of newspapers. It is important to provide information about security to Nigerians. However, too many details can have an adverse effect on the efforts of security personnel who are responsible for dealing with the insurgency em>

The commission, therefore, urges broadcasters and government officials to work together in dealing with security issues by;

“Not glorifying the nefarious acts of terrorists, insurgents and kidnappers etc,” read the statement.

Security officers on Nigerian media stations were advised by the NBC to avoid polarizing citizens through divisive rhetoric.

“Not disclosing details about either the security problems or victims of security challenges in order not to jeopardize efforts of the Nigerian troops and other security personnel,” it requested.

The Commission reminded broadcasters in the statement that they must follow sections 5.4.1(f), 5.4.3 of NBC Code, which warns against transmitting divisive content that may threaten or compromise Nigeria’s divisibility and indissolubility as a sovereign nation.

It’s possible you didn’t see it

  • In August 2020, NBC imposed a 5 million Naira fine on Nigeria Info radio station over a claim that Dr. Obadiah Medafia, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, made in an interview. He stated that some of the Boko Haram rebels have confessed to being the commander of Boko Haram Nigeria.
  • In October 2012, NBC fined Nigerian media houses AIT TV, Channels TV and Arise News for using unverifiable videos from social media to cover #EndSARS protests.
  • After the ban of Twitter in Nigeria, all TV and Radio operators in Nigeria were ordered by the Commission to cease using Twitter.
  • The Federal Government directed NBC to immediately start licensing all social media operations within Nigeria.

Source: NaijaNGR


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