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Police Arrest Fake Estate Developer In Lagos

Ahmed Ayinde was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly deceiving prospective tenants with N500m.

According to the Command, the suspect collected payments from 100 potential tenants in Olowo Ira, Lagos State.

Ayinde refused to release the keys to the one-story building at No 5, Ayedun Street in Olowo Ira after receiving the payments.

Muyiwa Adejobi, the state Police Public Relations Officer confirmed that the suspect was arrested. He also stated that the X-Squad Unit, State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (Yaba), had begun an investigation into the matter.

Source: NaijaNGR

There Is Still Hope For Nigeria – NIPR Chairman

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), contrary to the notion that Nigeria is a hopeless country, has stated that Nigeria has the potential to become a leading nation in the world.

This was disclosed by Dr. Ike Nailku, Chairman of the NIPR Integration, Peace and Security Committee, at today’s Abuja meeting.

Dr. Neliaku said that the diversity of opinions expressed during the meeting by the different partner organizations was a sign that Nigeria is capable of overcoming the current difficulties.

“The views gathered show that Nigeria’s cultural diversity is an asset that could lead to the creation of the most powerful African Nation in the world. This is not an easy task. However, we believe it can be done. Nigerians are determined to find lasting solutions for a peaceful, prosperous, and progressive nation.

He stressed that, as an Institute that is responsible for relationship management, the team was determined that the outcome at the upcoming NIPR Summit on Integration, Peace and Security would be a game-changer for the benefit citizens and youth in particular.

You may recall that on Monday, the NIPR inaugurated a 52-member National Planning Committee in order to encourage citizens-based summits towards finding sustainable solutions to various problems in the country.

Stanley Ogadigo
National Planning Committee
NIPR Summit on Integration, Peace & Security

Source: NaijaNGR

I Never Wanted A Female Child – Bovi

Nigerian comedian Bovi revealed via social media that he has never wanted a child with a girl.

This was said by the comedian on Instagram while posting photos of his daughter and him in matching outfits. Bovi, a father to two boys and a daughter, captioned his Instagram post with: “I never desired a girl child actually!” Kris, his wife, replied to him. She revealed that God appeared after Bivi had said, “girl no dey our families”.

Source: NaijaNGR

Shehu Sani Reacts To The Murder of Major General Ahmed

A former lawmaker from Kaduna Central senatorial district, Shehu Sani has spoken concerning the death of Maj Gen Hassan Ahmed was killed in Abuja.

NaijaNGR discovered that the former Provost Marshall of the Nigerian Army had been Abuja, Thursday night: Murdered By gunmen.

According to reports, the gunmen also kidnapped Ahmed’s sister Thursday.

While Sani was reacting to the incident, he expressed concern about what could happen to Abuja’s top military officers.

The ex-lawmaker wrote in a tweet, “The murder of Major General Hassan Ahmed, and the kidnapping and killing of his wife right here in Abaji, Abuja, is sad, unfortunate, and tragic.

It is amazing that this could happen to a man with such a high ranking in the area of the capital. He may rest in Aljanna Firdausi. Amin .”

Source: NaijaNGR

Facebook Announces ‘Life Saving’ Feature On WhatsApp

Facebook, an American social networking company, has unveiled a new feature to its WhatsApp messaging platform that can save lives.

According to reports, the company announced in a Wednesday post that Whatsapp will now be available on other devices.

This feature will allow users to feel less anxious about their smartphones being out of battery or not working. The new feature, according to Facebook engineers, will allow users to use the messaging app on multiple devices that are not smartphones.

The notification stated that you can use WhatsApp on up to four devices at once, even if your phone battery dies.

Since Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2009, it was a stepping stone for both platforms.

WhatsApp can be used on companion devices, such as computers. However, the exchanges are routed so that if someone’s smartphone is offline, or has no battery, WhatsApp won’t work.

There are other issues that can occur, including frequent disconnections. As Facebook engineers release the most recent update, all this is possible.

The company stated that the new WhatsApp multi-device architecture eliminates these obstacles and does not require a smartphone to perform all operations.

Facebook said that the new capability will continue to be developed as it improves. Facebook also assured that WhatsApp’s security features will continue to work with the new system.

Each companion device can connect to WhatsApp without requiring you to use it. However, each companion device will retain the same level of privacy and security as WhatsApp users.

The Federal Government has allocated N4.8 billion to the National Intelligence Agency for surveillance of Thuraya’s satellite phone, Thuraya, and encrypted messaging app WhatsApp.

According to reports, the provision is in the budget supplementary 2021 passed by the National Assembly.

Source: NaijaNGR

Corrupt EFCC Officials Must Resign – Bawa

Abdulrasheed Bawa, chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has requested that corrupt officials be removed from the commission.

According to reports, Bawa said this while addressing staff at the EFCC zone office in Markurdi (Benue state capital) on Thursday.

Bawa stated that while the integrity and professionalism of the commission must not be compromised, it is impossible for corrupt officials to fight corruption.

He said, “Let me remind everyone and everyone that we are doing an extremely special job and that the government, Nigerian people, and international community look up to us for a better Nigeria.”

“We won’t tolerate corruption in this area.” You can leave if you’re a bad egg. We are happy to work with some people and we are open to dismissal. If you feel you are unable to comply with the laws, please resign em>

He said that the commission would not be content with its current position, since Nigerians, as well as the international community, look up to it to eradicate corruption.

“We are renovating and rehabilitating the EFCC Academy. This is to ensure that staff is properly trained and retrained in order to be more efficient and effective in their duties.

Source: NaijaNGR

Buhari Will Donate N6.25b To Katsina Cattle Ranch

President Muhammadu Buhari pledged N6.5 billion to help kickstart the development a cattle ranch in Katsina State.

NaijaNGRUnderstands that the governor of the state,Aminu Bello,This was revealed by President Buhari on Thursday, July 15, while he spoke at an occasion when he commissioned the Naira Zobe water project worth multibillion dollars and a 50km road project for Dutsima.

Masari had earlier revealed that his administration intended to raise N12 billion with the support of the Federal Ministries of Agriculture and Finance to convert the Rugu forest into ranches.

He stated that the establishment and expansion of ranches in the state will reduce the number of farmers and herdsmen conflicts in various areas of Nigeria and the state.

Masari also stated that the ranching system would give herder children the chance to receive a quality education. Masari added that N5 billion had been already credited to the state’s account.

Masari, said Thursday that the President had approved N6.25 billion to be used for ranch development in Katsina. Within a few weeks you will see an advertisement asking for consultants and companies interested in participating.

Masari stated that this is the first direct state intervention in relation to the Federal Government’s ranch-development initiative.


Source: NaijaNGR

Axie Infinity Will Sponsor Tournaments After Rising More Than 500% In Token Price

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based game that allows you to battle monsters and has been inspired by Nintendo’s Pokemon. It plans to support esports through funding for community-run events as well as a dedicated server.

This news is due to growing interest in the game. Its native AXS token has seen its value rise over 500% over the past 30 days per . The price of AXS token has dropped by 15% since it reached its all-time high today. Sky Mavis, a developer, stated that Axie Infinity also generated more in fees over the past week–some $35.8million–than Ethereum or Bitcoin via the marketplace and monster breeding fees.

Sky Mavis will set up a dedicated server to host esports competitions. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Axie Infinity’s servers were slow or unavailable at times this week. This is likely due to increased user demand, as well as what the developer claims are distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks and server hosting problems.

The studio will also provide 5,000 AXS (or almost $125,000 as of the writing) for prize money that can be awarded at community competitions. Tournament organizers have until July 29 to submit their proposals for events that will take place between August 6th and November 30. Sky Mavis wrote that the company has “big plans” for Axie esports creator programs in 2022, but is now turning to the community to host events.

Axie Infinity, a blockchain-driven game, allows players to purchase in-game monsters and LAND plots. Other items can be purchased using non-fungible tokens.

We appreciate your patience during our rapid growth.

Our engineers are focused on updating our servers!

This moment will be remembered in history books. It’s a sign that people desire to be part of this incredible movement.

We love you! pic.twitter.com/DWz83oSz2z

— Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity July 14, 2021

An NFT can be described as a deed for ownership of a digital item. It can include artwork, video clips and tweets, but also interactive video games that can be resold. Axie Infinity, like other crypto games such as F1 Delta Time and The Sandbox, has seen many high-value items sell in recent months. For example, a bundle of LAND NTs sold for $1.5million in February.

Axie Infinity is gaining momentum in recent weeks, despite the fact that the NFT market seems to have slowed down since the beginning of 2021. DappRadar has reported a 500% increase in market volume in the past 30 days and a 3355% increase in users to over 147,000 in that time period. AxieInfinity launched Ronin, a sidechain that minimizes the effects of Ethereum’s volatile fees and network congestion.

Sky Mavis also announced in May that it had raised $7.5million in a Series-A funding round. This included participation by billionaire investor Mark Cuban (and NFT enthusiast), as well as Alexis Ohanian (cofounder of Reddit) and founder of Seven Seven Six venture capital firm. Ubisoft, a leading game publisher, has supported the game through its Entrepreneurs Lab accelerator program. It also serves as a Ronin validater.

There has been a greater convergence of the crypto and esports industry in recent years, with high-profile sponsorship deals such as FTX with Team SoloMid and Coinbase with ESL/Evil Geniuses. There are also initiatives that allow players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while participating in multiplayer games such as the MintGox competitions. Players can wager and win Bitcoin while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Source: NaijaNGR

World Finance Magazine Acknowledges Zenith Bank As The Best Commercial In Nigeria

World Finance Magazine names Zenith Best Bank of Nigeria – Zenith Bank Plc was named the Best Commercial Bank of Nigeria at the World Finance Banking Awards in 2021. This award was published in the July issue of World Finance Magazine.

In a statement released yesterday to journalists, Mr. Ebenezer Oyeagwu, the group managing director/chief executive at Zenith Bank Plc announced the award.

Onyeagwu explained that the award was based upon individual banks’ ability to adapt to an ever-changing technological environment while maintaining top customer relations and strengthening their financial position amidst the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that the recognition is a reflection of the resilience and ability to adapt to a difficult macroeconomic environment, which was exacerbated by COVID-19.

“As well our commitment to creating value through our best-in-class service and innovative products and services for our teeming clients.

“This award follows a string of awards and recognitions that the bank has received in recent years for its excellent performance and dedication to global best practices.

He stated that Zenith Bank was selected as Bank of the Year in Nigeria by The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards 2020. It also won Best Bank in Nigeria in the Global Finance World’s Best Banks Awards 2020-21 and Best Corporate Governance in ‘Financial Services’ Africa 2020-21 by the Ethical Boardroom.

Source: NaijaNGR

Nigeria Records $38 million Worth Of Bitcoin Transaction In June

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which banned financial institutions from accepting cryptocurrency-related services in February 2021 in Nigeria, would lead one to assume that cryptocurrency-related transactions would drop in Nigeria. However, that is not true as Nigeria’s P2P transactions in Bitcoin amounted to $38 million for the month of June 2021.

In recent months, Bitcoin transaction volumes have fallen, particularly after the cryptocurrency market crash, which saw the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin lose nearly 50% of its value. Despite the fact that transaction volumes fell across most continents, Africa is an exception.

Bitcoin is widely used in Africa. It is not an asset that can be held for long periods of time, but it is used to make international currency transfers. Nigeria is the leader in Africa.

CBN in February 2021 banned financial institutions from accepting cryptocurrency-related transactions or services immediately. This was done to protect Nigerian investors against the “volatility and insecurity” of cryptocurrencies. However, many speculate that there may be other reasons behind the ban, which remain unstated.

The June P2P transaction volume in Nigeria was approximately $38million in Bitcoin. This is 8.71% more than the $34.92 million volume last month. This shows that even though financial institutions were banned from facilitating cryptocurrency transactions within the country, Nigerians continued to transact in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Most transactions were made through online platforms, which are not under the control of the CBN or the Nigerian Government and are used to trade Bitcoins in Nigeria.

The information is not complete as it only includes the transaction volumes from Paxful (and LocalBitcoins) and does not reflect the total volume of transactions. Others popular exchanges, such as Binance and Remitano, were not included.

This brings the total number of P2P transactions in the first half to around $205.73 million.

Kenya was second in Africa with $13.4million in Bitcoin transactions. Surprise surprise! Ghana takes third place with $11.2 million, which is a position that South Africa reclaimed from Ghana. With $7.7 million, South Africa is fourth.

What should you expect?

Despite a ban on cryptocurrency-related transactions within Nigeria, Nigeria is still the leader in Africa for cryptocurrency-related transactions. As traders now use P2P (Peer to Peer) trading, this is the first way to trade cryptocurrencies for cash.

Although the government plans to create its own CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), cryptocurrency transactions will only increase as more people are aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin trades at $32,500. This is an increase of 1.91% per day as of the writing of this report.

Source: NaijaNGR

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