Does It Snow In Nigeria?

Snow is the icy flakes or crystals that are formed due to a massive drop in temperature to near or below zero degrees celsius, causing the amount of water vapour present in the atmosphere reduced to a minimum which brings about solid cold precipitation. This climate change leads to insane colds and harsh weather conditions. […]

How Much Does A Ferrari Cost in Nigeria?

The most common question Nigerians ask once they get wealthy is: how much does a Ferrari cost in Nigeria. The answer is not so easy. Several things determine the price of any car, and in this article, I’ll share with you how much a Ferrari costs in Nigeria. Ferrari is a car that has set […]

Does Nigeria Have A Submarine?

Nigeria fondly called Africa’s Giant is not only used to refer to its economic growth and mighty population but also her staggering military strength. Though the country is still surviving and fighting crises and terrorist attacks from different militia groups and religious extremists, all of these are been addressed by our noble military forces. The […]

How Much Is JAMB Registration Form In 2022?

Are you willing to get information about the price of the JAMB registration form 2022? If yes, well the article was made especially for you. So, kindly read through and do not miss any because any line you miss is very important. At the end of the article, you will know when the 2022 JAMB […]

How Lucrative is Radiography In Nigeria?

Radiography was once thought of as a risky job. And with good reason. Anyone who has attempted to use an x-ray machine knows the precautions to take (though, most people still don’t listen!). The work requires a high degree of precision and balance, requiring the utmost care on the part of the radiographer. But recent […]

List Of All Languages Spoken In Nigeria

Nigeria isn’t only known for its oil production and large population, but also for the diversity and different tribes and languages. Speaking about languages in Nigeria, what usually come to mind are the language of the three major ethnic groups – Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. However, Nigeria has way a lot more than that. It […]

Top 10 Best Midfielders In The World

Except you are a fan of football, you may not know the role and impact made by midfielders in the field of play. It is a known fact that the players in the middle of the field control the tempo and dictate the flow of the game. With the way in which football is evolving […]

Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums In The World

Football is a beautiful game that has won the hearts of many. This interesting sport is watched by billions of people around the world. The stadium allows fans to watch and cheer their team to victory. It is incredible to know that there are football stadiums that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Yes, […]